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Pioneering smart apps for everyone to learn any language by teaching themselves. 

According to UNESCO’s report, there are 57 million kids in the world, mostly in East Africa, who don’t have access to any school. According to CNN, there are roughly 60 million children left-behind, one of every five children in China, do not do well in school and have behavior problems. About 250-300 million kids, nearly half of the global primary school age children who go to school are without learning how to read or write or do basic arithmetic. Training good teachers, building schools, or providing advanced video conferencing technology for long-distance learning, are all real good solutions. However, they are all really hard to scale.

To solve this huge global kids leaning problems, an alternative, and radical approach is needed which could bring quality learning experiences to children no matter where they live.

We are forming an innovative and philanthropy organization with members and volunteers from Silicon Valley USA, and Taipei Taiwan offering a solution for kids learning by teaching themselves with our mobile apps on the tablet, no matter where they live. We will develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution which could be directed by a flipped, child-centric and self-learning methodology without the adult’s supervision. Individual child could learn at different rates with the tablet. The tablet with our software could also learn where the child learning curve is and recommend the suitable contents for improvement.

Join the winning team! Together, we will develop this world-first deep self-learning AI system to benefit the global 650 millions school-age children.

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